How CBD Oil Treats Multiple Sclerosis

What is multiple sclerosis?

This is a condition that adversely affects the brain and the central nervous system. Women are more susceptible to the condition compared to men. It is more common to people aged between 15 to 60 years. The symptoms associated with the disease varies from one person to another depending on the body nerves that are affected. The late stage of the disease may cause total body paralysis. The disease has no cure but the management is aimed at prevent further deterioration.

The symptoms of the disease include:

  • partial or permanent visual impairment- occurs to one eye at a time
  • sharp pains in various parts of the body
  • Baber chair symptoms where sudden sensations travel from neck to the spine.
  • Prolonged Increased body fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness
  • Mood swings
  • Bladder disfunction and pains in the bowel
  • Dysarthria which leads to slow speech
  • Unstable walking style

cbd oil and ms

Why CBD Helps Multiple Sclerosis So Much

The cause of the disease is unknown. This is why so many people have been using cbd oil for multiple sclerosis. However, researchers link the cause condition to the immune system attacking central nervous system. The immune system is said to destroy myelin which is the enclosing safety cover of the nerves fiber ensuring a seamless communication between the brain and other parts of the body. This condition causes the nerves to be weak and can cause permanent damage. Certain factors accelerate the risk of one getting infected, among them include:

  • Smoking- smokers exhibit more chances of getting the disease.
  • Climatic condition- the disease is more common in countries where climate is temperate like New Zealand, Canada, south eastern Australia and Europe.
  • Demography-It is common to people from northern Europe and rare to people in Africa and Asia.
  • Certain viruses accelerate the likelihood of one getting infected like the Epstein-Barr virus.
  • Genealogical history- more prevalent to families with history of the infection
  • Immune disorders- people with immune system disorders have a high chance of contracting multiple sclerosis. such disorders include thyroid diseases.

All causes are not known, however.

All About CBD Oil

Within the rapidly growing cannabis industry, a new line of product seems to be rising in its midst. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is swiftly rising in popularity and people everywhere are dropping it in their tea, loading it in vape pens and even swallowing it as capsules. And though the product is extracted from marijuana plants, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects – and it won’t make you high.

But what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the resin glands of the marijuana (cannabis) flowers or buds. Unlike other marijuana products, this oil has a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical compound that makes you high. That means you can reap all the benefits of medical marijuana, without getting high or psychotic.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 80+ cannabinoids available in the marijuana plant and is the second most significant cannabinoid in cannabis after THC. However, there are only a few traces of THC in hemp, making CBD the most dominant cannabinoid in this plant.

Industrial CBD oil is extracted from hemp, a fibrous type of cannabis plant with small buds and a low concentration of THC. This plant has about 0.3% or less concentration of THC, typically not enough to get you stoned or altering the sober state of your mind. The oil is can be diluted with other types of oils to change the concentration, depending on the intended use or the expected benefits.

How CBD Oil Works

Though many people don’t know it, the human body produces its own cannabinoids and it has two main receptors to allow you receive their benefits. These receptors are known as the CB1 and the CB2 receptors, making up the endocannabinoid system. The Cannabinoids in CBD oil attach themselves to these receptors, allowing you to receive all their benefits.

The CB1 receptors can be found all over your body, but they are highly concentrated in your brains. These receptors in your brain deal with pain, coordination and movement, memories, appetite, emotions, and mood. THC also attaches itself to these receptors to make you high.

On the other hand, the CB2 receptors can be found all over in your immune system. They effectively deal with pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol (CBD) attaches itself to these receptors and allows your body to receive a wide range of benefits, depending on its concentration.

Though CBD attaches itself to the CB2 receptors, it doesn’t directly act on them. Instead, it influences your body to naturally use its own cannabinoids in treating different ailments in your body. That makes CBD oil safer and a less controversial alternative to other medical marijuana products.

INSOLWWB Mission Explained

Jim Martin

Hello and welcome to the ISI website. I hope you find some helpful information on our site. As you can see from our site we have some great vendor relationships and we also have a fantastic staff of highly qualified technology people. Let me know if there is anything you need and also let me know how we are doing. This is a shot of me in Little Rock at the Arkansas Business, Business of the Year Awards.

Our Mission

Creating a web site is not magic, but it can be magical. A well-designed web site can boost your company’s sales, services, local and worldwide presence. At Internet Solutions, our web design staff can create a site which will help your company accomplish its goals. We are sensitive to budget and other concerns you may have. Following are our 5 steps for a successful web site plan. Step up to a great website!

Step 1: Call Internet Solutions (870) 930-9056 and ask for one of our web professionals, Jim Martin or Barry Rogers. We will help your company develop a web strategy for today and the future.

Step 2: A web site can be many things. It can be your initial contact with a potential customer or could be recourse for existing customers. Most likely it will be both and much more. Deciding on web site content is very important and must take into consideration the many types of web design programming services offered by ISI. For example, your site could contain Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Dynamic HTML, databases, E-commerce, Front Page extensions, CGI programs**, embedded or streaming audio and video. We can design a web site with only the basics or a full-blown site for selling products with secure on-line transactions.

**CGI Scripts and other custom programs or software written by Internet Solutions remains the property of Internet Solutions, Inc. License is granted to the client for the use of this software on an individual web site for as long as the web site remains hosted with Internet Solutions, Inc.

Step 3: Once you have decided on web content and developed a concept for your site. We will combine this with a hosting plan and domain registration services. At this point, we will produce a printed mock-up of your site and present estimated pricing for the package. Once the design and pricing are agreed upon we will request a down payment of 50% of the estimated price for the site and will immediately begin production.

Step 4: Effective communication is a powerful tool for any company. That is why it is very important to clearly communicate what you want known about your company’s mission, product, and services. It is crucial to gather pertinent information such as contacts and e-mail addresses, company information, product listings, logos and graphics, and any other elements to be included in your site. The more complete the content information you provide, the more quickly your site will be completed.

In order for Internet Solutions to effectively communicate your company’s purpose to a worldwide audience, someone from your company must first convey the information to us.

To ensure a successful web site, we will help you develop a strategy to promote your site to your employees and to your customers. Some things you can do are assign e-mails to department heads or key personnel, make sure all correspondence from the web site is being answered and returned, and place your domain name on all business cards, advertising, correspondence, etc. As part of the web-hosting fee, Internet Solutions will make sure your site is entered in over 200 search utilities on a monthly basis, and will also help you develop keywords for your site, making it more likely search engines will find your site.

Step 5: Call Internet Solutions (870) 930-9056 and ask for one of our web professionals, Jim Martin or Barry Rogers. We will help your company develop a web strategy for today and the future.

Custom Software

Software is opening new doors of opportunity to today’s businesses in terms of productivity, efficiency, and profitability. If you are currently using out-of-date or difficult to use software, your business may be missing out on many of the cost savings that automation can achieve. Don’t struggle with a system that doesn’t really meet your needs—our software developers can use your existing data to build a system that is truly integrated with your business.

The first step is considering your business needs. This is where off-the-shelf software products often fall short. Unfortunately, many software products force you to think like a programmer and don’t make sense for your business. Too many times the software has tons of features that your business doesn’t need, but is weak on the items that would really enable you to be productive. If your current system isn’t living up to your expectations, we can help!

We can take your expectations and present options for making software that fits those needs. Our team can also make suggestions on how to make technology work for you without requiring you to be a computer guru.



At Internet Solutions, we realize that quality software is critical to your business. Depending on in-house experience alone can lead to software plagued with problems which translates into lost time and money. We can offer support services to your projects to eliminate the problems created by the loss of key employees, insufficient skills, or lack of resources.

When making a decision on whether to perform software development in-house or leverage on an experienced provider, consider the following questions:

If my key programmer leaves, what will happen?
Has an initial design been done and an accurate estimate given?
Is the software on schedule and is it being tracked against the original estimate?
Are there any checks to guarantee the software is of high quality?
What would happen if the developer’s machine crashed—are you protected?
Are my programmers following industry standards or is the software ad hoc?
Does my development team have the resources and experience to do the job right?
How would you know if they didn’t?

If you are uneasy about the answers to some of these questions, we can consult with you on ways in which Internet Solutions can put your mind at ease. Whether we develop your software or help you develop it, our goal is the same—to provide the talent and experience necessary to give you the business solutions you deserve.